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Doktr is an innovative, digital service provider in healthcare, enabling video consultations between users and healthcare providers in an accessible, secure and user-friendly way. Our vision is one of hybrid care: a combination of online and physical care, depending on each situation and person. In this way, increased accessibility to healthcare, more prevention, more cooperation between healthcare providers and more quality of life becomes possible for all of us. And so digital healthcare contributes to a sustainable society.

Our core values are:

  • Patient-centric: a top-notch experience and ease of use when you need medical advice. So that digital care is accessible to everyone.
  • Security: a personal conversation with a doctor in complete confidentiality and with a guarantee of secure data exchange.
  • Quality: telehealth is a rapidly evolving field, especially since the COVID pandemic. We follow the latest insights and guidelines from international practice and literature on telehealth and apply them in the operation of the platform.
  • Supporting: we are always looking for ways to support healthcare professionals in their use of digital consultations; through training, a community, features in the platform. So that they can develop digital consultations as practical and future-oriented as possible.
  • Eco-system collaboration: our vision is a path, a journey that benefits a lot of people. That's why we like to work with a lot of partners who also believe in the power of digital in modern health services. And we are always open to new collaborations
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